Available Versions for price comparison web site.

Our price comparison script is available with multiple options. If you need customized version, let us know the merchant's name and we will tweak the system as per your requirements. Please read below to learn more about options: (for every website we will manually integrate multiple API/Feeds if you are publisher for multiple affiliate plateform)

  1. Price comparison store for Linkshare Publishers.
  2. Script using Shareasale feeds.
  3. Scrip for Commission Junction Publishers.
  4. Script using Shopzilla API's and product links.
  5. Publisher using Shopping.com API.
  6. Publisher using individual merchant's such as Buy.com, tigerdirect.com. We have list of over 500 stores where we can easily customize the feeds.

Ask for a custom proposal

If you are publisher of any or all of mentioned above, we can provide you a solution where you can use datafeeds provided by all or any of them.

If you are a startup, we will provide you option to add product manually or upload the CSV's to kickstart your price comparison store.